Saturday, April 25, 2015

Zero Style Helmet Released!

We are proud to announce the release of our new Zero Style Helmet! A true to the Borderlands Zero theme mesh helmet, with advanced materials and breathing sound effects!

Only L$400 with the best quality warranty for mesh items in the grid!

You can find the helmet here or at our in-world mainstore here or on any of our affiliate vendors around the grid!

[Prometheus Creations] Zero Style Helmet v1.0

This Borderlands themed Zero style helmet is 100% Mesh, using advanced material features.

The helmet is mod/copy perms and the visor is a separate face easily edited in terms of transparency and/or color/texture.

There is a resizer script and breather sound. You can control those by the dialogue menu that comes up by touching the item.

Included you will find an alpha mask for your avatar's ears for better fitting in special cases.

NOTE: Make sure you make a backup of the original item in case you damage it during modify.

Version History
v1.0 Initial Release

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