Wednesday, April 22, 2015

[Prometheus Creations] Service Gynoid Avatar Released!

We are proud to announce the release of our newest avatar, the Service Gynoid. This female shaped android comes to complement the Service Android series and features all the previous Android range features!

[Prometheus Creations] Service Gynoid Operation Manual

This Service Gynoid is created with the finest quality recycled Mesh materials from reasonably underpaid engineers in the Outer Rims.

It comes with mod/copy permissions and a full perm Diffuse, Normal and Specular Texture so you can customize the appearance to your liking.

The unit is custom joint rigged semi-fitted mesh and will cooperate properly with almost all humanoid and human Animation Overriders.

All body parts are also provided in separate unrigged form for mix and match ability, resizing and custom avatars.

You can use your own shape but keep in mind that some of the sliders will not work.

Please contact T'Ren (Irine Abbot) for any enquiries.

You can find the Service Gynoid here or at our in-world mainstore here or on any of our affiliate vendors around the grid!

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