Friday, April 24, 2015

[Prometheus Creations] Space Marine Boots

Have you ever found yourself in a battle in an alien planet, without proper footwear? Does the rough terrain of alien battlefields give your feet blisters? Do your feet feel cold when you are flying through the freezing deep space with your spaceship? Worry not my dear friends because we have the solution for you!
Our brand new Space Marine Boots is just the item you need! Not only it will solve all of the above problems, but it will also make you look so cool that your enemies will willingly place their skulls under your feet to be crushed!

[Prometheus Creations] Space Marine Boots Information

These high quality, full material enabled, fully fitted mesh boots will give your character the rugged sci-fi look you were looking for.

The boots come in rigged/fitted form, are fully modifiable and will fit your character's body shape.

A non-rigged, fully modifiable version with an added Resizer script is included for fitting with abnormal avatars.

Also included you will find an Alpha mask for your avatars feet in case you have some parts popping out with weird ankles or toes.

NOTE: Make sure you make a backup of the original boots in case you damage them during modify.

Version History
v1.0 Initial Release

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