Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cybernetic Legs released!

Has anyone been patiently waiting for new, awesome, ass-kicking cybernetic legs? Well wait no further because our Cybernetic Legs are new AND awesome AND ass-kicking!

We are proud to present, the very informatively named Cybernetic Legs!

[Prometheus Creations] Cybernetic Legs v1.0

These high end cybernetic leg implants will provide you with the required vertical support your body needs, and fulfill all your pedestrian mobility needs.

The legs come with 4 predefined texture patterns. Black, Digital Desert Camo, Digital Pink Camo (KAWAIII (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ) and White neutral. All textures can be color tinted by the included HUD, and each leg can be textured and tinted separately.

The legs include a full perm jump enhancer! Enjoy leaping over tall people, walls, cars and jumping into your doom and oncoming air-traffic!

There is a sound dampener control in case the walk sound is annoying, you can mute it with a click on the HUD.

Also in case you require only one limb and by some quantum entanglement when you walk, the robotic sound comes on the other leg movement, you can use the WALK SYNC switch to synchronise the sound to your AO animation (LEFT or RIGHT depending on which leg moves first on walk).

The legs include 3 versions:

a) normal FITTED MESH version (changes according to character shape)
b) no-foot FITTED MESH version (same as above but missing the foot section so you can year shoes with it.
c) all parts unrigged. DIY version to attach to character bones! You can now attach a foot on your forehead if you want to! DISCLAIMER: *We do not provide support for parts stuck in unusual orifices*

Enjoy this Prometheus Creations original creation!

Version History
1.0 Initial Release

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